The VARK Questionnaire: How Do I Learn Best?

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The VARK Questionnaire: How Do I Learn Best?

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The world is made up of different people with diverse talents and abilities such as the way an individual gets to learn quickly. There are four methods of learning, and they are aural, read/write, kinesthetic and visual; every person has a way they learn best. My preferred mode of learning is kinesthetic. The best learning strategy is when an individual applies body movements and participate in practical sessions, but that does not mean they cannot learn from the other styles because there are different approaches used to pass knowledge. The best learning mode is kinesthetic or tactile learning that works best for most individuals.
Kinesthetic or tactile learning puts emphasis on carrying physical activities rather than listening to lectures. These kinds of learners are good in practical subjects such as chemistry and are talented in sports and acting. Kinesthetic learners have a good eye-hand harmonization. Kinesthetic learners understand well when they are in movement and confining them would interfere their way of understanding (Fleming, 2005). Most tactile learners use their bodies to express their ideas; this could happen through dance, gymnastics, sports and laboratory experiments.
Kinesthetic and auditory learners use sound to get clear instructions of what is going on. For kinesthetic learners change in tone will determine the kind of moves to make; their movements have to be in line with tonal variations. Aural learners …

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