The Use of IT inthe Health Care Industry

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The Use of IT inthe Health Care Industry

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The Use of IT in the Current Day Health Care Industry
The healthcare industry is among the sectors in the economy that have attracted the attention of the majority of the population in the US due to the reluctant government spending in the industry. However, several individuals and organizations have come up with a number of IT innovations that can be used to improve the delivery of health care services in the sector. According to the article, today, the world that is characterized by rapid technological advancements, the IT innovations are playing crucial roles in almost all sectors including one of the healthcare sectors (Singer). The crucial role in making healthcare services more sustainable and accessible by everyone in need of them.
The use of IT in the healthcare sector has resulted in some benefits to the sector and its users. For instance, the use of IT in hospitals has helped the doctors and other medical workers to quickly adopt the use of new equipment that is more complicated. They are used mostly inside hospitals and private practices to connect doctors and patients even when they in long distances from one another mostly done through the use of telecommunications (Singer). IT services and gadgets such as smartphones and tablets enable physicians to hold video conferences with their patients are hence saving significant amounts of resources in the form of time and money. Thus, with the use of IT s…

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