The Triple Concerto

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The Triple Concerto

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The Triple Concerto was performed on October 31st, 1995 in Berlin, Germany. The concert was performed by the three majestic musical artists, Daniel Barenboim (piano), Itzhak Perlman (violin), and Yo-Yo Man (violoncello). The composition of the concerto for violin, cello, and piano was composed by the world-class known Ludwig Van Beethoven between 1804 and 1805. The composition was released in 1808 in the Augusten Summer Concert in Vienna. The Triple Concerto was Beethoven’s 56th Opus.
The concert began with the three outstanding trios entering the orchestra accompanied by the audience that had arrived in crowds. The Berlin Philharmonie Orchestra auditorium was fully packed as many attended the concert to witness the beautiful performance of the piece. After settling down, Daniel Barenboim the pianist, also the conductor, began conducting the performance. The composition incorporated a variety of aerophones, chordophones, and membranophones. The performance was divided into three movements which were largo, Allegro, and the Rondo Alla polacca. The three pieces consisted of a marched tempo with occasional solo passages by the three musical giants which could be identified individually. The cello entered solo as the first movement. It is quiet and gradually rises. A slow movement entered, A-flat major, which was the introduction of the finale which followed without pausing. The bolero-like rhythm was heard which the final movement was.

The Triple Concerto is classical and form…

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