The Tragedy of LBJ

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The Tragedy of LBJ

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Notably, there was no justified reason for the United States to engage in the Vietnam War. President Johnson would say they fight because they should fight. They wanted to stop communism from spreading in Vietnam, yet the Vietnamese supported it.Moreover, it did not affect them. Lives were lost in the process including innocent American and Vietnamese civilians and soldiers. Therefore the American public protested against the war and President Richard withdrew the US troops from Vietnam, but he supported the South Vietnamese Army financially. A peace agreement was signed, and the troops were later pulled out leading to completion of the Vietnam takeover by communist North (Michael).
Lyndon b. Johnson’s primary goal was to end poverty and radical injustice. Therefore he created the Great Society Programs whereby policies were established to achieve the goals. He was able to pass a Department of Housing and Urban Development establishment bill which would promote the clearing of slums and housing development. Also, he availed Medicare which would cover medical expenses for the senior citizens. Additionally, he aimed at protecting consumers by creating protection laws. Being passionate about education, he managed to focus on poor schools and brought about the elementary, secondary and higher education act which would be funded.
The Vietnam War demanded and consumed a lot of taking money away from the programs hence its reduction of …

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