The Topic to Answer is Below

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The Topic to Answer is Below

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Nietzsche once said that to be a true friend one must be willing to be the “beautiful enemy.” What Nietzsche was saying is that a good friend is one that will tell you painful truths in order to help you. Most of us fear being the “beautiful enemy” because we fear losing our friend.
Alekto: Is Nietzsche right?
Socrates: Yes, I said. But don’t you think Nietzche has a point when he says to be a true friend one must be willing to be the “beautiful enemy”?
Alekto: well, I am uncertain
Socrates: probably you don’t understand what Nietzche is implying by using the metaphor “beautiful enemy”.
Alekto: I do get the point, but it is not yet clear to me
Socrates: have you ever been told the painful truth concerning yourself?
Alekto: yes, I was once told how my character was deteriorating
Socrates: what impact did it bring in your life?
Alekto: well, it was beneficial in my life since I was able to rectify my mistakes.
Socrates: I conquer with what Nietzsche is suggesting.
Alekto: That a true friend is one who must be willing to be a beautiful enemy?
Socrates: what do you think? I asked
Alekto: I am certain that a good friend in deed is a friend who will always be there for you when you are in need.
Socrates: I conquer with you my friend, I said, but there is a deeper meaning that Nietzsche was trying to unveil which is based on true friendship.

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