The Three Types of Sports Fans

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The Three Types of Sports Fans

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The three types of sports fans
The world today is full of various sports, ranging from indoor to outdoor gaming activities. It is these sports that make the world a better place, the atmosphere, the blunders players make, the near misses, the struggle and much more, but one thing stands out, that of being a fan. I think being a fan is the most interesting part of any sport because there are no rules involved, just letting go and enjoying the game. However, over the years I have come to notice that there three types of fans, which I can classify into the ‘bandwagoner fan,’ the ‘casual fan’ and the ‘real fan.’
Identifying any of these fans in a game doesn’t require much effort. The bandwagon fan is that person who follows the crowd. His team is the best in the championship, and he supports it because they are on top. Ask him of any other reason he is supporting the team and he will tell you because they are on top. They use all sorts of weak reasons to back their support for a team. Sometimes, this fan is enthusiastic about supporting the team, but wait until they start losing. He will pack his things and move on to the next big team winning games.

The bandwagon fan does not care much about who is in the team, who plays what position or role. He does not show up in all matches but only appears in those big publicised games. He might wear a jersey in support of the team, but that is not the only one he has…

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