The Theme of Loneliness

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The Theme of Loneliness

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Loneliness in the chrysanthemums and the Worn Path is clearly presented by the authors who portray some characters as not performing fully in accordance to their abilities. The chrysanthemums indicate Elisa, a character who faces relationship problems while trying to explore her natural abilities. In the worn path, old Jackson is seen travelling to the city to get her grandson medication. She passes through lonely woods that almost endanger her life. The two women are energetic and strong-willed but are oppressed and lonely due to their circumstances which they desire to change.
As the story begins in the chrysanthemum, Elisa Allen is seen working on her garden alone. The region where she is working is also isolated from other farms and there is a high fog which can be seen from a distance. The place is depicted as lifeless as the author tries to make people peep through for small evidences of existence. The cold season also makes the region lifeless as the characters are busy working in their ranch. The whole story is about the famous tribulation that most relationships undergo. There is total isolation and loneliness among the characters and the region itself.
Elisa is secluded from the rest of the world, and only becomes busy by watching the activities of her husband from a far as there are little activities to be undertaken in the ranch. Elisa’s household also lacks children who often lighten up homes. Instead, she becomes obsessed in raising immense chrysanthemums. Eli…

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