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The Surgical

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A Literature Review on Glioblastoma with Special Reference to Surgical Approaches
A. Introduction
Glioblastoma or grade IV astrocytoma is the commonest and aggressive primary tumour in the brain. The term refers to the tumour of the glial cells and accounts for 52% of all brain tumour cases. Conventional chemotherapy or radiation therapies are ineffective due to the location of the tumour and also from the aspect of adverse effects on the brain. Surgical resection of the tumour is the most preferred intervention that shows a better prognosis. The literature review will reflect upon the overview and concerns of glioblastoma treatment options and pathogenesis of the disease. Moreover, it would portray the surgical options available for the management of glioblastomas.
B. Historical Perspective
The term was first introduced by Percival Bailey and Harvey Cushing in 1926. They speculated that tumour originates from precursors of glial cells or glioblasts. Further, they fine-tuned the term as “glioblastoma multiforme” which means the changed shape of glioblasts. Since necrosis and cysts handle the change in morphology of any cell, thus the term “multiforme” was introduced (Bleeker et al. 11-27).
C. Areas of Interests
Interests in the field of Glioblastoma attract both patients and clinicians. Patients want to get awareness in the detection of early symptoms and the risks of incurring Glioblastoma. On the …

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