The Supreme Court

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The Supreme Court

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Racial Diversity in Juries
The judicial system in the United States of America is such that particular trials are handled by a selected jury. The use of juries in trials was meant to ensure that a suspect was given a chance to face his peers. However, the use of juries has faced some challenges including the aspect of the race. Most juries have been made up of the majority race while the minority races have been kept out of juries (Ross N.p). Reforming the process of jury selection would lead to a situation where all racial groups are represented. The suspect would, therefore, have a chance to present their case to a balanced jury. This would guarantee a fair outcome for all and ensure that the cases are desired based on evidence and not racial bias. Particular sections of the society would like to maintain the status quo and are opposed to the reforms by the Supreme Court. Some feel that the selection of the final jury should be based on the jury pool as well as the established criteria (Ross N.p). Opponents think that judicial processes are based on the provided evidence and not racial inclinations. They also feel that the measures instituted by the Supreme Court are meant to alter the course of justice.
The new proposals by the Supreme Court are meant to improve the judicial system, and that is a good thing. Juries are expected to decide the fate of suspects and irrelevant issues such as race should not act as deciding factors. The society ha…

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