The role of social media in the arab spring

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The role of social media in the arab spring

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The role of social media in the Arab Spring
Bashri, M. Netzley, S. and Greiner, A. “Facebook Revolutions: Transitions in the Arab World, Transitions in Media Coverage? A Comparative Analysis of CNN and Al Jazeera English’s Online Coverage of the Tunisian and Egyptian Revolutions.” Journal of Arab & Muslim Media Research 5(1) (2012): 19-29.
The authors of the article make comparisons between Al Jazeera and CNN online considering their covering of the Arab Spring through the use of the Sigal’s theory. They made use of content analysis while following after 70 different stories from 140 sources from both CNN and Al Jazeera. The authors found out that Aljazeera made use of Egyptian and Tunisian as those people who provided them with information, while CNN used Americans when making reports about the uprising.
The article is relevant and provides information that is valid while considering the role of the social media on the Arab uprising. The authors consider the use of current trends in social media, a fact that helps them capture the statistics on the ground. The information is vital as it can be used in a classroom setting without any problem.
Frangonikolopoulos, Christos A. & Chapsos, I. “Explaining the Role and the Impact of the Social Media in the Arab Spring.” Global Media Journal: Mediterranean Edition, 7(2) (2012): 10-20.
The authors make efforts in describing the nature of individuals in the Arab region an…

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