The Rise of Islam.

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The Rise of Islam.

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The Rise of Islam
1. The five pillars of Islam.
The following are the five pillars demanded of every Muslim individual.
The profession of faith or Shahada. It involves narrating the creed that states that there is only one God.
The second pillar is the prayer that in the Arabic language is referred to as salat. Every individual who practices the Islamic religion is expected to pray five times a day while facing Mecca.
Charity or Zakat is the third pillar. Muslims are supposed to share a portion of their wealth with the less fortunate in the society.
The fourth pillar is fasting that is referred to as Siyan. During the holy month of Ramadhan, Muslims go without food and drinks during the daylight.
The fifth pillar is Hajj. Any Muslim individual who is of sound mind and fit body is required to make at least one pilgrimage to Mecca.
2. A. Describe the character of Muhammad.
Muhammad was honest, reliable and could be trusted that is why he was referred to as al-Ameen by visitors and Makkans.
Muhammad was kind because he always helped the needy.
Muhammad loved peace.
B. Who was Khadijah? Explain her conversion.
Khadijah was a wealthy merchant woman forty years old who had had lost two of her husbands. She offered Muhammad a job to take some commodities for trade in Syria. She proposed to Muhammad and he accepted the offer, together they had two sons and four daughters. She supported Muhammad during all trying times. She died at the…

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