The Red Convertible by Louise Erdrich

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The Red Convertible by Louise Erdrich

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The Red Convertible
The story of Lyman Lamartine book ‘The Red Convertible’ summarizes his relationship with his brother Henry who he could no longer understand after joining the military, and that was being a big problem that grew contributing to Henrys suicide. What could have caused this?
In the narrative tells the story tells us of the two brothers who came from a native Indian village a place as it is described by the author to be filled with happy and good people .it is explained that the two brothers were driving home as they meet a girl, Susy who they both liked and hence offered to drive her home where they are welcomed by her family in joy. What had then had led to the continued to trouble Henry? The author gave a flash back of to his early life when he worked hard with his brother to acquire an old convertible vehicle they both lavished and was a strong unifying symbol of their friendship.
Henry joins the military after a layoff from one of the local organizations. He luckily survived and returned home but as a changed man. He was no longer the happy and social young man formerly known before joining the military. What had changed? Or what had he seen? His brother and family were wounded. This had reduced the communication between the two and especially becomes a major problem since they never had fun moments around their red convertible they had worked so hard to buy, it was difficu…

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