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The Range of topics is in the instructions (writers choice)

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Gender roles
Gender refers to various meaning, beliefs, and characteristics that are attached to different sexes. When talking about gender, the value of masculinity and femininity is emphasized based on social valuation as indicated in Blackstone, (2003). Gender roles are constructed socially by how individuals interact with themselves and their environment. Based on the sex of each gender roles are created making the aspect a social construct, since it is established on a social ground, during interactions in the environment as shown by Blackstone, (2003). So Gender roles are the duties that male and female are expected to perform based on their sexual orientation. The paper will focus the gender role based on various perspectives including psychology, biology/physiology, and cultural and ethnic studies.
Psychological studies
Human beings are differentiated by their sex that affects almost of life, ranging from economic, political, social and even academic terms. Psychological studies in defining gender, dwell on interpreting intrapsychic activities that determine the development of gender and gender role. In psychology, gender is defined within the familial realms by considering cognitive construction behavioral patterns by different gender as explained by Bussey & Bandura, (1999). One of the theories explaining the gender role and how it is developed is the psychoanalytic theory. Before age two, both boys and girls identify wi…

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