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Should We Sweat for Sweatshop?
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Over the years, there have been debates over whether or not sweatshops are appropriate. The opponents argue that they are unethical and promotes the exploitation of the poor. They cite that while the workers in sweatshops are given lots of works and maybe work over time, they get paid cents per hour which undoubtedly are not commensurate with the amount of work they do. Also, they state that sweatshop provide unhealthy environments for the workers and thus they are havens for deadly diseases. The proponents, on the other hand, state that sweatshops are necessary as they provide alternative employment opportunities for those who are jobless or doing unethical or dangerous jobs. Many individuals are uneducated or poor desire to survive but do not have sources of income. Therefore, sweatshops are necessary to fill in the existing gap in society to ensure that the poor and the jobless get to live a better life than they would live without any source of income.

Should We Sweat for Sweatshops?
Many manufacturing companies especially those in the textile industry have in the past deployed sweatshops. Notably, these companies have opened the sweatshops in the countries or regions where individuals are most vulnerable (Arnold, 2018). Their argument for deploying sweatshops in these areas is based on the fact that even the uneducated or the educated but unemployed individuals need to find some way of sur…

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