The progressive Era 1890-1920

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The progressive Era 1890-1920

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The Progressive Era
The progressive era refers to the period between 1890s and 1920s, when there was increased social activism and political restructuring across the United States of America. As previous researchers determine, aspects surrounding the progressive era were facilitated through a movement known as the progressive movement, and was initiated and motivated through various challenges that had been observed before (Stivers 60). The aim of this essay is to express various insights that motivated the progressive movement. It also gives insights about the imperialists, and determines whether there was a connection between the two named variables. Below are the explanations on the same.
Some of the most common factors that facilitated or motivated the progressive movement were meant to abolish some social problems that included corruption in the government, problems caused by urbanization, problems associated with immigration and other challenges of industrialization. To achieve the above-mentioned perspective, the movement particularly targeted the senior politicians and their bosses. By eliminating them, one of the most notorious problems, corruption, would have been eliminated and therefore set effective grounds for democracy, which was to facilitate the achievement of solutions to other problems mentioned before. The movement, in addition to the above perspective, got motivated after many activists joined them to establish reforms.

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