The Problem of Evil

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The Problem of Evil

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The problem of evil is an epistemic question that forms the basis of an argument on whether the world contains objectionable states of affairs that provide the foundation for debates that makes it irrational developing the belief in the existence of the deity. Arguments on the problem can normally be explored from either incompatibility formulations or the inductive formulations. The argument from evil emphasizes the idea that the world seems to contain a situation that is bad or unwanted or situations that can be prevented by a being that has the capability to do as such. This line of argument begins by questioning whether the existence of the situation described above can be reconciled with the existence of God. This line of thought can be developed in two different formats. First, it can be developed as an entirely deductive proposition that looks to determine that there is given information on the evil that exists in the world that can be logically irreconcilable with the existence of God. A rather robust first line of thought attempts in setting up a claim that it is logically difficult for a case that there is any existence of evil, and at the same time, God exists (Kushner 21). Conversely, instead of being developed as a logical argument for the strong claim that it is deductively difficult for God and evil to exist, is the argument that evil can be developed in an evidential format that evil actually exists that makes it unlikely or likely that God exists. A loving an…

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