The Placebo Effect

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The Placebo Effect

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The Placebo Effect
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The Placebo Effect
According to Ted Kaptchuk’s video, the placebo effect is a phenomenon where a patient is healed by the power of positive thinking. In this effect, when a patient is suffering from a particular ailment, and a medication that is not a real treatment of the illness is administered, the patient shows positive changes (Kaptchuk, 2015). In such an instance, the healing power is derived from the belief of the patient that the medication prescribed will heal them. That is the placebo effect.
Single-blinded and double-blinded trials are both methods of blinded trials. In blinded experiments, the information about the research is hidden from the participants. This information is protected to eliminate bias in the study. This information can be hidden from the testers, the subjects, or from both.
In a single-blinded experiment, only the subjects are blinded. It is not disclosed whether the specimens are the test group or the control group. The tester is not blinded. Single-blinded experiments are applied in situations where it is risky to blind the experimenter and in cases where the examiner cannot introduce bias in the trial (Brochu et al., 2014).
Double-blinded experiments are an improvement of the single-blinded study. It aims to achieve a higher level of accuracy by eliminating bias. In this kind of research, the information regarding the experiment is withheld from both the tester and the su…

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