The Origin of Species

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The Origin of Species

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Origin of species
On the origin of species is one of the scientific literature published in the year 1859. The author of the book is Charles Darwin. Arguably, Darwin is the founder of the evolutionary biology. Darwin came from a well-established family of renowned clergymen, doctors, as well as businesspersons. He was an idle young individual but later studied clergy at Cambridge. Darwin advocated for the idea that natural selection together with the preservation of the favorable traits is responsible for the development of species (Holder 43). Throughout the book, Darwin tried to elaborate on the different aspects that bring about variation. These factors include domestication, nature, the struggle for existence, and natural selection. Besides, the book also featured difficulties with Darwin’s idea of the natural selection theory as a source of origin of species (Darwin 32). Therefore, the paper will strive at doing text analysis of the Charles Darwin’s book of origin of species.
Darwin wrote the book during the era of global expansion. The name of the period was Pax Britannica or famous Britain’s imperial century. At that time, Britain was the sole dominant force of Europe as well as the rest of the world, thanks to the diplomatic settlement of the Napoleonic war. Therefore, Britain enjoyed an expanded market for its goods and materials that promoted industrial revolution (Ruse 21). Consequently, commercial, industrial middle clas…

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