The new greatest generation by Joel Stein

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The new greatest generation by Joel Stein

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Introduction – The new greatest generation by Joel Stein
The new generation of youth is perceived as a lazy lot who may not achieve much in the future despite the prevailing resources in the environment. This young generation that is also known as millennials (those who were born between 1980 and 2000) have also been associated with narcissism because of the thirst for power and money by this new generation (Lundbeck p3). Consequently, the older generation has always been blaming and perceiving them as incompetent and non-hardworking individuals. As a result, Joel Stein, a millennial was provoked and decided to dig and come up with facts to analyze the space of laziness of millennials in the modern world. According to Stein, the older generation has been condemning the young generation without substantial proof. This instigated him to find cold facts to determine the depth of laziness of the millennials and the younger generation towards determining their future progress.
Stein established key characteristics of youths in the current generation and their actions that distinguish them. Stein associates the youths with enticing things, trendiness, high profile lifestyle and expensive electronics including clothes. They also prefer white-collar jobs, tasty foods, parties and extreme extroversive behavior. The need to achieve the valuables they need expose others to hard work and determination just to keep the fire burning. With the tren…

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