The Museum Project Part 1

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The Museum Project Part 1

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The Museum Project Part 1
Second-Wave Feminism in the United States
When the Second World War ended women realized that they were discriminated. They took jobs that were considered inferior in organizations, which typically. relegated to a low social status in the society. They were also portrayed as weaker beings in the popular culture which undermined them socially and economically. To curb the issue of marginalization, the women were compelled to challenge the highly masculine society by demonstrating peacefully. In this presentation, I will demonstrate that the needs of equality among women were considerably diversified based on the art of the second phase of feminism movements.
As stated earlier, the feeling of alienation and relegation paved way for the second wave feminism in the country. Besides the post-World War II events in the USA, famous authors such as Simone de Beauvoir’s masterpiece “The Second Sex” played a pivotal role in encouraging women to fight for rights of equality. The book, originally written in French was translated to English and published in the USA in 1953. Therefore, this presentation will address the inequalities that the women were fighting in the following order:
Workplace equality
Gender and Sexuality
The following pictures date back to the second-wave movements
Whitney Museum

Beauty Parade

lefttopBrooklyn Museu…

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