the movie “The Identical” and nature vs nuture debate

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the movie “The Identical” and nature vs nuture debate

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The Movie “The Identical” and Nature vs. Nurture Debate
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This paper examines five publications regarding “The Identical” movie. The movie is about two identical twin brothers that are separated at birth. It will explore the debate between Nature and Nurture exhibited in the movie. It is, however, necessary to note that different authors offer different opinions about the two concepts. According to Myers (2014), human beings develop traits either through genetics or the environment. Also, the paper aims to focus on the similarities and differences in the twins’ lives. A review by Duralde (2014) depicts that the movie is based on Elvis Presley and his stillborn twin. Other sources delineate that Elvis Presley could be feeling guilty for the loss of his twin. As a matter of fact, he believes that his great talent in music incorporates his twin’s life. Additionally, this paper gives insight on the strength of Nature apropos of Nurture. The two characters in the movie clearly show that Nature is more powerful than Nurture in their lives (Moore, 2001). The paper also explores the ways in which some parents force their children to be like them due to Nurture. Most of these children often turn out to be rebellious. However, Ryan, a character in “The Identical” movie; stands his ground but he does not rebel against his father. Lastly, the paper gives an overview on predetermination in the lives of human beings. Before one is conce…

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