The moonstone

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The moonstone

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The moonstone
Love and money are the only two things that make people go beyond their limits and do what others deem impossible or make people change their personality. In the novel the moonstone by Wiki Collins, the main theme is about love and money. The main question is how much a person can be willing to do for love and what a person can be willing to do to attain wealth.
People can go to extreme limits to obtain wealth even though it means stealing. A soldier who is supposed to protect and serve steals the moonstone due to greed for wealth from India and takes it back with him to England. Godfrey, who is supposed to be religious steals the moonlight to sell it and clear his debts and even worse he, steals it from the woman he loves Sergeant Cuff also suspects that Rachel stole her diamond.
Loving someone doesn’t necessarily mean that you should give them expensive gifts or do anything bad to show how much you love them. Franklin, however, brings the moonstone from Europe to give it to Rachel on her birthday party to show his love for her. The servant girl, Rosanna, commits suicide after becoming desperate because Franklin didn’t even notice that she was in love with him (Shmoop Editorial Team, 2015).
It is beyond the fact that love and money cannot complement each other and it is best to be content with what you have or feel about a person even if they do not feel the same way as you do. Greed f…

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