The Management Strategies of Hanna & Anderson Corporation

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The Management Strategies of Hanna & Anderson Corporation

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The Management Strategies of Hanna & Anderson Corporation
1. How Hanna Andersson Applied Values-Based Leadership regarding the Organization’s Choices Related to P-O-L-C
To achieve its mission, Hanna Anderson’s leadership led by Gun applied the principles of management to ensure that the company operates within its initial objective. For instance, Gun demonstrated good leadership by ensuring that the employees of the company were motivated to work by giving out benefits to them and their family members. A workforce that is motivated is essential because all the people involved working together towards the set goal. Also, the leadership of the company planned for major actions that would help them to attain their objectives. For instance, the decision to provide a 20% voucher for any used cloth returned for recycling encouraged return customers which increased sales.
2. How Iosca, Petersen, and Stone Facilitated Change within the Company, and Whether They Remained Consistent With the Values of the Founders
Iosca, Petersen, and Stone played an important role in retaining relevance of the company at a time of recession. Amidst stiff competition and the emergence of online shopping, Iosca and Petersen sought to expand the operations of the company as well as develop an online shopping website for the company. On the other hand, when Stone took over as C.E.O of the company, he established a wholesale business that…

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