The Magical and the Real

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The Magical and the Real

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The Magical and the Real
1967 is a significant year for Latin America because it is during this time that a novelist called Miguel Asturias was awarded with the Nobel Prize (The Magical and the Real 22). The year marked the recognition of Latin America’s literature and led to the growth of contemporary writings and publishers (Joshua 102). This came at a time when efforts were being made by the likes of Julio Cortazar to write novels like the Hopscotch that did not receive the necessary attention. Gabriel Mistral from Chile had won the region’s first Nobel Prize in 1945 due to his efforts in poetry. Other American writers such as Pablo Neruda and Garcia Marquez would later be recognized for their efforts in literature.
Garcia Marquez was aware of the magical world that existed in Colombia and he put it in writing. During his era, writing was influenced by technological innovations (the Magical and the Real 46). Another writer called Manuel Pig wrote about the impact of the Argentine Tangos and Hollywood films on the lives of ordinary individuals. The first Latin American writers who gained recognition, for instance, Sor Juana from Mexico and de la Vega from Peru took the differences from the world that tried to assimilate them as inspiration for their work.
As countries gained independence new writing emerged. The efforts of novelists like Joaquim Machado in the late 19th Century and other poems shaped the ident…

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