The Love of My Life by T. Coragbessan Boyle

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The Love of My Life by T. Coragbessan Boyle

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The Love of My Life
The Love of My Life is a story bound by the college, home, jail, and the motel in which China and Jeremy’s baby is born and later killed. It is a story about two lovers, China and Jeremy, who have sex during a camping jaunt that results in China’s pregnancy. While China is not ready to have a baby, she is unwilling to procure an abortion. Therefore, she wants to keep the matter a secret and kill the baby upon its birth since Jeremy is all she wants (Thomas 285). While the main action of Boyle’s narrative involves unwanted pregnancy, she does not begin the story with the couple’s camping expedition or their first lovemaking. The story employs external conflict together with dialogue and imagery to express a central idea, namely why parents kill their children. The Love of My Life offers a poignant narrative of the limitations of infatuation, which leads China and Jeremy to commit the crime of infanticide.
The story demonstrates how infatuation and irresponsibility can cloud a couple’s judgment and distort their decision on having a child and killing it. Both Jeremy and China are criminally responsible for the child’s death; as they are all determined to “get rid” of the baby, which they eventually succeed. The two lovers both make a conscious decision to kill the baby and, therefore, are both responsible for the death of their child. The plot to kill the baby begins upon discovering that China is pregnant, …

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