The jungle by Upton Sinclair

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The jungle by Upton Sinclair

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Question 2#
The Jungle by Upton Sinclair illustrates the harsh conditions of the immigrants in Chicago and similar industrialized cities. Jurgis Rudkis writes on the brutal treatment he saw in the meat packaging industry. He learns that the meat packing business does not pay workers for the extra hours they work. This paper will discuss whether the reform of the meat industry was part of Sinclair’s goal of writing the jungle.
Jurgis, in his book, says that he saw men in the preserving room with skin diseases, those who used knives regularly lost their fingers, workers with tuberculosis coughed while spitting blood on the floor, near the meat processing area employees used toilets which had no water and soap. Jurgis continues to state that in some areas, the meat packaging companies had no toilets and workers urinated in a corner (Sinclair 105). There were no lunchrooms and workers ate in their working environment. The employers never cared about the health of their workers as any worker who was injured in the working environment was never compensated.
I think that the purpose of Sinclair writing the jungle was to reform the meat packaging industry through describing activities which happened in the meat packaging companies. This is because, in his book, he does not only describe the harsh working conditions of the workers in the meat packaging industry, but he also tells the public about the type of meat…

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