The Impact of Islam

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The Impact of Islam

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The Impact of Islam
Although the history of Christians and Muslims relations consists of hostility yet their economic relations are inevitably strong. Islam had greatly impacted the Medieval Christian World and helped them to develop into a more sophisticated state.
The impact of Islam played a pivotal role in the advancement of civilization as well as technology in Medieval Europe. In medieval time, the progress of civilization and technology was ignored in Christians while Muslims were thriving in these spheres (Goody 23). Though relations between these cultures were hostile, however, despite their harsh aversion, Christian merchants were economically interested in tapping the opportunities of global trade. Muslims introduces several goods that were not previously available in Europe, therefore trading with them results in making Europe the center of attention for merchants (Tolan et al. 82). In spite of religious conflicts and frequent political clashes that suspended trading sporadically, the economic relationship between Muslims and Europeans were intact and helped to strengthen their economy.
The defining feature of the medieval society was a manorial economic system that was eradicated owing to the Islamic impact. At that time, Europe had been trapped in the ineffective manorial system that was basically agriculture. As a result of the Islamic impact, commerce revived and led to Renaissance that revolut…

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