The Foreign Aids In South Africa

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The Foreign Aids In South Africa

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Foreign Aid in South Africa
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The purpose of this paper is to look at the war and peace and how they influence the distribution and usage of foreign aid in South Africa. In developing country like South Africa, ups and downs of war and peace do happen and affect the development of various economic sectors. We will look into how these sectors are affected and the relation of the impact of foreign aids. The paper examines the positions of the country’s leaders towards the proper usage of the aids to benefit the citizens. Finally, the paper provides an analysis of the foreign aids usage to see whether it is enough or whether the little that is provided is put into the right usage for future economic expansions. This is with the realization that no amount of money is enough to eradicate poverty but proper utilization of the available resources into investment projects like mining sectors as capital, profit will generate from the project (Blanchard & Library of Congress, 2011).
According to World Economic Forum – Home report of 2016, despite being much ahead of other African Countries; South Africa is still a developing country which more often than usual benefits from the foreign aids. The following is the examination of the foreign aids in South Africa and the Impact it has made in the country’s economy.
Effects That Peace and War Have On Foreign Aid Distribution in South Africa
According to Van and I…

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