The five Warning Signs

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The five Warning Signs

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Five warning signs that show when religion becomes evil
For many centuries, religion has been arguably considered as the most powerful influence of nearly every aspect of human existence. Religious principles and theories are deeply rooted in the historical, political, social, and economic aspect of human beings. The commitment of individuals and groups to religious faiths transcends naïve personal beliefs that people acquire in pursuit of the deep truth concerning various aspects of human existence.
1. Absolute Truth Claims
Inquiries into the absolution of any religion in the world today starts with the level of truth found in the teachings of that particular religion. Imperatively, all religions are founded on structural rests that are made up of elements of rigidity and exposure of the risks associated with holding on specific beliefs without allowing for the adoption of better alternatives. As a result, every religion is deeply anchored on a set of authentic truth claims that are usually not as inflexible as the fanatical believers purport (Kimball 2009). Most contradicting truth claims revolve around the existence of God and life after death. For example, Christian believe that how someone lives on earth determines their final resting place after death.
2. Blind Obedience
Blind obedience is the central point at which religion turns evil by engaging the believers in a contradictory war with the my…

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