The Fall of the House of Ushers

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The Fall of the House of Ushers

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The Fall of the House of Usher
“The fall of the house of Usher” is a story of a man who is sick and whose fears are manifesting themselves via his mystical sentient household estate. The story mainly explores mental and physical illness, and the impact which such an affliction may particularly have on people, who are the closest to the sick ones. However, the madness of the protagonist in the story does not really turn out to be the main cause of supernatural events (Poe 39). The protagonist is not crazy and his house is being haunted and his sister has returned back from the dead ones. The madness in the passage protrudes as imaginary.
The passage mainly possesses a quintessential characteristic of a Gothic tale: a mysterious sickness, haunted house, doubled personality and finally a dreary landscape. Thus it is particularly acknowledged as gothic elements. Nevertheless, its vagueness is part of the passage terror. Edgar used some of the traditional elements of gothic, such as barren landscape and inclement weather. The story creates a claustrophobia sensation whereby the narrator of the story is strangely stuck by the lure of Roderick and he was not able to escape till the collapse of the Usher house. However, the character could not act as well as move freely, because of the structure of the house and so it was assumed as a monstrous character on its own and as a Gothic mastermind which mainly controlled the inhabitant’s fate…

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