the Fahrenheit 451

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the Fahrenheit 451

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Fahrenheit 451
Fahrenheit 451 was written by Ray Bradbury in the 1980s, yet more than two decades later, it is amazingly exemplary triumph, in trying to explore various themes is unmatched. Ray Bradbury gives literature a different touch that leaves the reader thinking deeply about the various issues that have been raised in the novel. The book Fahrenheit 451 explores numerous emerging topics that only a keen reader can unravel. This paper seeks to highlight the major themes that Ray Bradbury has sought to explore in this piece.
Censorship is a theme that has been highlighted to a high degree by the author. For instance, the book does not give a logical and clear explanation as to why books are totally banned in the future. Instead, the novel goes ahead to give numerous suggestions as to why this situation arises. In the context of the book, two major factors are blamed for the reason as to which books are banned. This, in itself, is considered censorship. First, the author suggests that in the future, people gradually lose interest in reading books. The author, however, fails to point clearly exactly to what factor causes a loss in interest. Instead, a few events are advanced in the novel that makes the reader conclude as to what likely causes the loss of interest in books. Apparently, in the future, there emerge competing forms of entertainment such as radio and television. To think broadly, Ray Bradbury explores that t…

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