The ethical component of self-care

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The ethical component of self-care

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The Ethical Component of Self-Care

The Ethical Component of Self-Care
Confidentiality is one of the fundamental principles required between the health care provider and the client. There is a need to limit the amount of information that the health provider can give to a third party and should be with the consent of the client. A failure to do so may raise the question on the unethical issues in the profession. It is therefore essential to ensure that ethics of healthcare is always a priority (Fessler, 2015). This discussion will, therefore, focus on how the disclosure of the client information may affect the client.
One of the main effects of the disclosure of the client’s information is the effect of stigmatization by the society. In this case, when the data of the client reaches the unintended party, there is a chance that this party may misuse the information that may result in the public judging the client harshly. As a consequence of this, the client will be stigmatized and may experience depressions due to the stress of what others say about him or her.
Unethical disclosure of the client information may also lead to the client being losing confidence with the doctor or the social worker and hence may lead to unproductivity of the process (Allan & Allan, 2016). It is essential to maintain confidentiality to ensure that the client gets a solution to the problem rather than getting a public shame or harsh judgment due to the unethical condu…

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