The environmental movement

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The environmental movement

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The Environmental Movement
It was on Sunday morning, and people in western New York at an old town Rust Belt were heading to various churches to give thanks to their God and praise Him for the several events, both good and bad ones, that had happened during the week. As most of the staunch Christians within the community claimed, every bad and good activity in the community is included in God’s plan. A few decades ago as the world would remember Rust Belt was one of the highly industrialized towns in America and the rest of the world housing industries such as Steel manufacturing and coal firms (Neumann 45). The town had flooded with several natives in search of green pastures. According to Doussard, Jamie and Nik (184), Russ Belt had become a safe harbor for migrants from all over the world. The town was made up of people from all backgrounds and social classes with the rich being made up of managers and owners of business firms and industries in the city and throughout the country. On arrival in the Saint Peter Great Lake Church, the new topic in town spoken by most small business people and employees in the industries was the threat the rich man’s life possed on the lives of everyone living in the city.
During the onset of the construction process, the rumors had spread all over and those in support of the so-called “crazy Richman’s Plan” claimed the firm will offer employment opportunities to the daughters an…

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