The effect of religion on African American culture

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The effect of religion on African American culture

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The effect of religion on African American culture
According to Carter (374) religion has been playing a critical role in facilitating the fusion between the cultural practices and beliefs of the African-Americans and the Native-Americans. This achievement started in the 18th century when Christianity began to record a rapid spread across many regions including North America (Weisenfeld 1). The spread has led to a paradigm shift in the cultural practices of African-Americans. The religion has greatly affected the society of African-American by inculcating a new thought and perception of the diverse phenomenon in their minds (Carter 375). The new thoughts have changed the way they view things thereby inspiring them to drop some of the traditional practices and beliefs.
Currently, the western religion culture has transformed African-Americans from undertaking traditional cultural practices and beliefs that are not backed by religion principles (Pinn, Stephen and Torin 23). Such practices that they are dropping include the performance of traditional rituals and the beliefs that the spirits dwelled in the surrounding. Religion has made them recognize the existence of God as the supernatural being and religious culture. Similarly, the spread of religion has made them join the evangelical mission with various Christian groups with some becoming renowned church ministers. They are effectively adapting to Christianity, Jewish, Islam and o…

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