The Disengagement Theory

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The Disengagement Theory

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The Disengagement Theory
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The Disengagement Theory
The process of aging is a natural process. It is also a psychological process as much as it is a biological process. The disengagement theory, advanced by Elaine Cumming and William Earle Henry, supports this notion by phrasing the process of aging from a social perspective. It is considered the first theory in the social sciences field and has over the years received a lot of critiques. According to the method, people disengage from social life as they grow old.
Crossman’s (2011) functionalist point of view considers the disengagement theory as crucial since it maintains a stable social system. According to the Disengagement theory, aging is described within the social network while offering a procedural outline of the aging process. Postulates describe the procedural framework. The first one is that the anticipation of death coupled with the continued deterioration of abilities to socialize with others makes them lose social ties. Moreover, if disengagement continues, fewer interactions are made. There is more freedom and hence the weakening of norms. At this stage, the process of separation is accelerated and becomes more personal.
According to DeLiema & Bengston (2017), the process becomes self-perpetuating. The gender roles differ. The men are known to be the breadwinners while the female overview is in family issues. Abandoning if their responsibility leads to …

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