The Discipline of Observation

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The Discipline of Observation

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Both the character, Sherlock Holmes and Annie Dillard make a conscious effort to exercise discipline in their favorite pursuits
Sherlock Holmes and Annie Dillard are both great characters in literature and have been linked with the greatest levels of disciplines even in their quest to try to achieve their own dreams. They do get to make sure that as much as they get to be in a tag of war with other people they do not use crude means for them to achieve their dream. The ways they get to take are indeed the best and the most respectful ones at the same time too. Their intention is to make sure that they get to succeed and make it better with time but then they would not like to make things come out in a worse manner and that is the main reason as to why they get to opt for the best means that also do uphold discipline of the highest order as such.
Looking at Annie Dillard’s “Seeing” she starts by explaining how in her life she used to have a great savings culture ( She used to hide money on the ground and she would then come later after some days to find it and could not remember anything regarding where she kept the money. To her, she did not opt to destroy the plants but rather she opted to make sure that she then starts labeling the places where she kept the money from time to time. This just shows the effective conscious measures that she used to take during her life to make sure that she does get to mai…

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