The despair in double consciousness as it relates to the i

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The despair in double consciousness as it relates to the i

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Patricia Dukes
Cheyney University
Everyone seeks to be happy in life. However, that is not the usual state of events in reality. There are days or moments you are sad, happy, emotionally disturbed or even highly spirited. When we get in problems and are desperate, we try to look for solace. In the same sense, we need double consciousness to deal with the issue of despair. To be successful in life, we also need to avoid nihilistic ideas and be accommodative in other people’s way of thinking. This paper aims to discuss Soren Kierkegaard’s’ ideas of despair, the idea of double consciousness according to W.E.B and the nihilistic ideas presented by Cornell West.
The writing below is to discuss and illustrate despair in relation to the invisible man (Abbott, 1985).
Kierkegaard explains despair is a condition in which is a “sickness unto death”. According to Kierkegaard, one is in despair when you do not align yourself with God, or God’s plan for your life. This sickness can result of having feelings that everything is wrong, and nothing seems to improve.
The most basic form of despair stems from not knowing that one is in despair, advanced despair comes in when you have the wish of not being in inexistent, the final and the most complex form of despair is when one tries to shun away from despair and not wanting to exist. All the above statement can be proved right b…

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