The Dark Ages

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The Dark Ages

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Review of Dark Ages
The article ‘6 Reasons the Dark Ages Weren’t so Dark’ by Sarah Pruitt focuses on the poor quality of Latin literature. The Romans and the Greeks were known to produce high-quality literature during the medieval times. However, during the period called the Dark Ages, there seemed to be some quality decline regarding the kind of literature produced. Additionally, the author explains how Europe lacked cultural advancement that other cultures witnessed. Pruitt argues that the fall of the Roman Empire may have contributed to the decline of quality literature at the time (Pruitt 5). However, many historians do not agree with the fact that the period was Dark Ages. The historians argue that the period was also the Renaissance and was not as backward as the Early Ages. Therefore, the historians assert that the term Dark Ages was extremely provocative and derogatory. Pruitt argues that the Dark Ages were not as barbaric as other periods of history. In fact, the period called the Dark Ages was significant in the sense that numerous advancement regarding economic, social, political, religious, and cultural issues.
Pruitt offers six reasons regarding why the period should not be called the Dark Ages. Scholars who did not like the ancient Rome conquered it and introduced their traditions. The scholars claimed that the period was archaic and backward and could not hold at the time. Also, it is during the…

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