The Critique of Sears Leadership Style

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The Critique of Sears Leadership Style

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The Critique of Sears Leadership Style
Richard Warren Sears and Alva Curtis Roebuck founded Sears in 1886. The currently Illinois-based company has a broad business history of financial plummeting mainly because of macroeconomics fluctuation. The 1893 national panic that caused a drop in sales for the then mail order catalogue company is one of the fluctuations. 1919 to 1921 national depression also hit the company to it best extend. The infamous Sears 1993 move of replacing the merchandise catalog with a holiday Wish Book. This management decision was because of weak sales and profits. In 2005 Sears changed, its name to Sears Holdings after an acquisition by Kmart. Eddie Lampert, the majority owner of Kmart, is the man behind the purchase of Sears; Eddie also brought the new current leadership style in the company.
Sears before an acquisition was managing their affairs in departmentalized model with the department heads running the product line but under the same marketing team. This model worked relatively better compared to the current strategy as imposed by Eddie Lampert. After successful of Sears and renaming it Sears holding, the management act was overhauled. In place of the old departmentalized division, all related and interlocked to one merchandising team Eddie restructured the whole model. The new and current leadership model established in 1993 involves thirty autonomous units within the company. These groups operate independently of each other. They have their pr…

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