Winning in the work project 1

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Winning in the work project 1

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Winning in the work project 1
I value my interests very much since sometimes when I feel low, and they make me recollect myself. Notably, in my free time, I like watching football on television. I would sit long in the house glued on the TV screen for the better part of the day switching from one channel to another. I have a lot of interest in participating in social services like volunteering and community service activities like planting trees and cleaning our nearest shopping center. Am always willing to learn short courses in accounting to enhance my accounting skills and is one of the areas that I have been very much keen with. Partially, I would spend four to five hours in a week reading motivational stories from books and articles.
Am glad that I possess both soft and hard skills to enable me to get through my life experience (Lloyd, et al., 457). Part of the hard skills I possess is computer literacy which includes high typing speed. I can type over a hundred words in a minute. Am good at various computer programs like MS word, excel, power point, and internet. I can also operate both the printing and photocopying machines with minimal assistance unless in complicated cases. Some of the soft skills I possess include patience, teamwork, and positive attitude. These are crucial skills that have helped me get along with others in school and during any project. Some of the skills I believe will allow me to achieve …

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