yesterdays thinking and organizational disability

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yesterdays thinking and organizational disability

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Yesterday’s Thinking and Organizational Disability
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Yesterday’s Thinking and Organizational Disability
The Florida hospital is among the commonly known no-profit making health facility that aims at improving and upholding living stands of people in the U.S. Throughout the state the facility has more than 22 campuses committed to serving anyone who seeks their care. Analyses are made how the facility failed in applying system approach to bring positive desired changes in the facility by creating additional problems. It points at a particular scenario where the facility failed to apply system thinking in its shift in security programs leading to great failure. The text proceeds to explain how the change could have been implemented and measures that were necessary to attain the desired security outcomes. It examines the laws of the approach that requires an organization first to consider the problem at hand, possible ways of solving the problem, and the probable consequences that comes with the solution. Besides, leaders are urged to learn the application of the system approach to ensure proper implementation of change programs
The southern Florida hospital stands to be an organization that I can claim to be familiar with across the State. The facility is one of the biggest service providers in health in the U.S. It has more than 500 beds for inpatients, over 4,000 employees, and 100,000 ER tours every year. The hospital is widely know…

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