The Creation of the Ocean Floor Paper

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The Creation of the Ocean Floor Paper

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The Creation of the Ocean Floor
The Creation of the Ocean Floor
The plate boundaries are the underlying forces that form the earth’s crust. They are the different broken segments of the crust. It is, therefore, true that the earth surface is not one single plate that is connecting from one end to the other. It is a composition of different parts of the earth that forms the entire crust. Several plate boundaries exist in nature of geology. We have three types of plate boundaries that exist in nature;
1. Divergent plate boundaries
In the case of a different boundary is a scenario where there is a fault that forms between the plates. The two plates will start moving from each other as time goes by in the long run. The plates will seem to be far from each other every time as different forces start acting on the diverging plates too. Their movement would be the primary cause of the volcanic eruption if there were liquid magma under the core of the earth in the place where the diverging plates’ area is locating in the earth’s crust. During the diverging of the tectonic plates, the emergence of lava spews that comes out from the fissure is common (Acocella, 2014). Also, there are occurrences of hot geysers of super-hot water from the undersurface of the earth. One of the products of the divergent tectonic plate boundaries is the formation of mid-oceanic bodies. There is also the formation of ocean ridges and rifts. At …

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