The Connection Between Diabetes and Suburban Sprawl

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The Connection Between Diabetes and Suburban Sprawl

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The Connection between Diabetes and Suburban Sprawl
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Summary: After World War-II America had the power and great minds that were ready to make outstanding cities and societies. They were having world’s best architectures and designers with a great social leader who made a layout create modern America after the war. In that design, they kept companies and industries far from retails that are two with separate residences. Workplaces and residential were far from each other, so they made the use of cars and other means of transportation to get to work.
In the recent years, Americans are living on the city outskirts where housing is cheaper though they need to travel a lot for shopping and to work. They highly depend on cars and such facilities; that prevent them from walking; that are a form of exercise. There is also, what get termed as “Macdonaldization” the high reliance on junk and fast foods. This dietary imbalance leads to type 2 diabetes and many health related problems. The Younger generation of America is having high obesity and diabetes problem than ever because of such suburban development.
Information about Dr. Jackson and reason behind the series: He works in environment health relating with children. He was chairperson at the American academy of pediatrics committee on environment health. He worked on the board of directors of the American Institute of Architect and an e…

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