The concept of Texas individualism

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The concept of Texas individualism

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The concept of Texas individualism
The concept of Texas individualism
Texas is the largest state in mainland USA. It contains a rich history that has culminated into a specific form of politics. Most notably, Texas exhibits the school of thought of individualism that encourages individuals to take care of their business as opposed of becoming reliant on government aid. The essay examines whether the approach benefits all the citizens of Texas.
Individualism in Texas
Many people in Texas share the belief that the government should not take an active role in the activities of the ordinary citizen. Such views have made the state hostile towards government interference of their personal lives. The regions contain highly political individuals that will take to the streets to protest when they sense such involvement of the administration (Kraemer, Newell and Prindle, 2004). The only time the citizens allow government interference is when it seeks to create opportunities for the locals or to reinforce the power of some groups in the society.
Studies have shown that the individualism approach had shaped the actions of the state. For instance, statistics show that Texas ranks near the bottom regarding the amount of money used in helping citizens through various programs. The approach has managed to keep the taxes lower because the government expenditure reduces (Lecture notes, n.d.). Therefore, experts indicate that the po…

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