The cheesecake Factory

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The cheesecake Factory

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The Cheesecake Factory.
Servicescape analysis of TGI Fridays and Chili’s.
Servicescapes is defined as the service assembly environment whereby the client and seller collaborate, linked with tangible products that expedite the communication and performance of the service (Booms & Bitner 10). It incorporates both the interior and exterior of the facility. The facility’s internal aspects are reflected in the interior equipment, layout, and design while its exterior qualities are reflected in the landscape, surrounding environment and parking facilities. On the other hand, the overall ambiance also impacts of the servicescapes of a facility. This section will analyze the servicescapes of TGI Fridays.
The servicescapes dimensions of TGI Fridays include building cues, sensory cues, signage, and processes. First, the buildings cues in TGI Fridays have furnishings such as the wooden floors in most of their facilities, décors such as theatrical stage and spaciousness. Second, sensory cues of the restaurant are of four type’s namely sound, visual, smell and taste. Sound signals are good music played in the restaurant; visual cues include the lighting and cleanliness of the place; smell cues include the pleasant smell in the place such as those coming from the food; taste cues include the meal experience that customers of the restaurant are subjected to. Thirdly, the signage of TGI Fridays includes both emotional and memories message tha…

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