The Capital Ensemble and Friends

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The Capital Ensemble and Friends

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Alice HakopianMr. Gregory Newton
Music 120-#3111
The Capitol Ensemble, Leo. S. Bing theatre.
On Sunday, May 31, 2015 at 6:00 p.m. the Capitol Ensemble performed a piece by Johannes Brahms. The performance of Serenade No. 1 was pretty impressive and happens to be one of my favorites. Philip Levy worked wonders as the violinist and Andrew Duckles did the same on the viola.
Serenade No. 1 in D, Op 11 has six different movements and are “Allegro molto (D major)”, “Scherzo. Allegro non troppo (D minor) – Trio. Poco più moto (B-flat major)”, “Adagio non troppo (B-flat major)”, “Menuetto I (G major) – Menuetto II (G minor)”, “Scherzo. Allegro (D major) – Trio”, “Rondo. Allegro (D major)”.The first movement of the Serenade is pretty joyful and seems to celebrate music in a manner that is light and full of life. In fact the first two orchestras were supposed to be a nonet to strings and wind, much like the Octet by Schubert or Septet by Beethoven. This is one of the reasons behind the symphonic nature of these two movements (Geiringer 249-250).The second movement, much like the first one was full of energy and provided the build-up for the later parts, which are somewhat heavier. This allows the piece to move from fast to slow movements rather seamlessly and adds to its beauty.The third movement depends rather on the first two and the swings of the movement and its gently rocking rhythm are higher than that of the first two. This creates…

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