The Black Cat

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The Black Cat

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The Black Cat-Edgar Poe Allan
The Black Cat, a short story done by Edgar Allan Poe is an interesting story of all times. The story is told from an insane person’s perspective, the narrator whom in his own words expects no one to believe him. Allan Poe’s works command fame in its featuring of violence, dark themes and psychological characters. The Black Cat is a famous literary work that involves a narrator who speaks his mind, though not from a sound perspective. In the Black Cat, for instance, the narrator tells of how uncontrollable, he became to an extent of killing his pet and also murders his wife in her attempt to save the cat from his wrath.
Madness is a trait of the narrator that is manifested in so many ways in the text. The narrator commits and conceals his dirt, but ultimately gets caught based on his own insane condition. Poe has a unique way with which he shows madness in the narration. The theme of madness is also evident in the lack of the narrator’s sufficient reasoning or justification for committing the grisly murder.
The narrator informs the readers that he is to die the next day, a reason that the reader fails to get to the end of the narrative. Setting his narrative from this perspective, the narrator informs the reader about some cat by the name Pluto, a pet that he had as a pet. According to the narrator, his pet is a remarkably beautiful animal that is entirely black….

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