The ban on public housing.

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The ban on public housing.

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Is The Ban on Smoking in Public Housing Justified?
In the present day, America’s social issues are extremely controversial with many citizens opting for varying ways and means to deal with these intractable concerns. The government’s role in defining the course of societal matters cannot be understated. Ritchie Torres (1) adopts the socially controlled broadminded opinion that one freedom’s of expression should not infringe on any other person. He claims that invading people’s privacy in the confines of their homes is uncalled for. Nevertheless, the reasons that with the glaring consequences on the smoking scourge on the population, it is only right that the government should enforce such a ban. Tony Marcano alternatively proposes that the government shouldn’t enforce such a ban on people’s own residences without allowing them to air out their concerns (1). Instead, the general population and elected officials should adopt an educative approach to make their families, neighbors, relatives as well as other members of the community awareness on the hazards of smoking
Marcano (1) is of the view that anything whatsoever that inhibits an individual from acting as he/she pleases is a denial of personal free will. I am completely in support of his individualistic open-minded belief. Tobacco is lawful to buy and utilize. To forbid usage of a product that is 100% permissible in our country and coming u…

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