The American Revolution in the Civil War

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The American Revolution in the Civil War

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The American Revolution in the Civil War
Anderson, Fred. Crucible of war: the Seven Years’ War and the fate of empire in British North America, 1754-1766. Vintage, 2007.Anderson focuses on the history of conflict between the colonist and the Colonial government that exercised its rule in America. According to the author, the native had enough of the taxes imposed on them by Britain. The text is relevant to the subject matter of the research topic.
Bailyn, Bernard. The ideological origins of the American Revolution. Harvard University Press, 2017.Bernard Bailyn delves into the ideologies of the populace and the warring parties during the American Revolution. He gives the narrative form both perspective considering both Americans and British collaborators were victims of the war.
Blackmon, Douglas A. Slavery by another name: The re-enslavement of black Americans from the Civil War to World War II. Anchor, 2009.There has always been the argument that the civil war had a far-reaching impact on slavery and the First and Second World War. Some of the societal issue during these periods in history share similarities as evidenced by Blackmon.
Blight, David W. Beyond the battlefield: race, memory & the American Civil War. Univ of Massachusetts Press, 2002.Even after the civil war some of the underlying issues such as slave trade and racial discrimination remained part of the society. David Blight giv…

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