The American Annexation of the Philippines

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The American Annexation of the Philippines

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The American Annexation of the Philippines
The annexation of Philippines occurred in 1899 after a bloody war between Spain and the Philippines. The Philippines was rich and had plenty of resources that were in great demand from both Spain and the United States. The United States wanted to expand their business empire regarding investments. The Philippines was fighting the Spain at the time. President William McKinley, a Republican, was not ready to let the Philippines fall into the hands of the Spanish, as that could be a sign of cowardice. Furthermore, letting the Philippines fall into the hands of the French or the Germany would not be good for business because they were the commercial rivals of the U.S in the East. Thirdly, the president cited that Filipinos were not ready for self-governance, and without annexation, they would fall into anarchy. Lastly, the president pointed out that the aim of taking the Filipinos was to educate, civilize and make them Christians.
Annexation of the Philippines was against the beliefs that America stood for at the time. William Jennings Bryan solemnly condemned this act. He condemned the U.S for manifesting imperialism despite making losses, showing its weakness and causing humiliation during the annexation. He condemned the act of the government of wanting to own the Filipinos as subjects to trade with them. He said that annexing the Philippines would only bring racial problems that the U.S suffered.

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